Geoff Hall Roofing holds an authorisation license to distribute and sell all Flexitech products. These roofing products aim to leave your roof perfectly finished each and every time.

Flexitech is an industry leader in providing the best quality roof finishing products-employing environmentally safe, water-based solvents only. Flexitech is future proofing their innovative products, proving their stock is the best in Australia.
Two of Flexitech's flagship products are Flexipoint and Roof Reviver, both water-based solutions designed to repair and revive residential, commercial and industrial roofs in Port Macquarie.

Flexipoint is an Australian made filler intended to be the environmental alternative cement mortar. It retains a significant post cure flexibility, allowing it to bend and shape itself to your roof's structure without cracking or breaking away.

A roof restoration wouldn't be complete without the use of Roof Reviver. As a purely water based acrylic, Roof Reviver leaves roofs with a long lasting finish, giving life back to dull, worn and discoloured roofs. This product is designed to withstand the extreme Australian climate, guaranteed to leave the roof looking like new for years on end.
To find out more about Flexitech's product range and how Geoff Hall Roofing applies them in our work, visit their official website here.